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Discover a country with a 1000-year history, rich traditions and grand cultural achievements. The past has left its mark in the form of architectural pearls and exquisite works of art, often set amidst medieval and Renaissance towns or gorgeous natural landscapes.

Since its foundation, Poland has occupied a place in central Europe where diverse cultures from east and west, north and south, have often intersected. As a result, the country is home to multiple cultural traditions and the historical buildings they left behind.

Because of its wealth of high standard cultural and natural attractions, Poland is a highly competitive destination on the European tourist market.

Many of these sites have earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In fact, Poland is among the better-represented countries on this distinguished list, with no less than 15 sites on it. The Polish jewels with UNESCO honors are: the Historic Centre of Kraków (since 1978), Historic Centre of Warsaw (since 1980), Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka (since 1978) and Bochnia (since 2013), Auschwitz-Birkenau – German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (since 1979), Białowieża Forest (since 1979), Old City of Zamość (since 1992), Medieval Town of Toruń (since 1997), Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (since 1997), Kalwaria Zebrzydowska: Mannerist Architectural and Park Landscape Complex and Pilgrimage Park (since 1999), Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica (since 2001), Wooden Churches of Southern Małopolska (since 2003), Park Mużakowski / Muskauer Park in Poland and Germany (since 2004), Centennial Hall in Wrocław (since 2006), Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine (since 2013), Tarnowskie Góry Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine and its Underground Water Management System (since 2017).

Other sites have been inscribed on the list of Polish Historical Monuments. There are thousands of them scattered throughout the country – all with the potential to interest tourists. They include numerous castles and palaces, usually surrounded by historical gardens; monuments of religious and urban architecture, mighty fortresses and wooden structures often gathered in heritage parks. They were constructed over the centuries, in a wide variety of conditions, and often reflect the clash of cultural influence from Western Europe and the East. These historic sites are currently offered to tourists as attractions or products of special value. Some serve as museums, while others are used to accommodate guests directly as hotels or conference centres.

The beauty of nature, rare and unique animals and plants, breathtaking landscapes ranging from shifting dunes on the Baltic coast to Alpine mountain ranges along the country’s southern border – all this and more can be found in Poland’s 23 national parks (Babiogórski, Białowieski, Biebrzański, Bieszczadzki, Bory Tucholskie, Drawieński, Gorczański, Gór Stołowych, Kampinoski, Karkonoski, Magurski, Narwiański, Ojcowski, Pieniński, Poleski, Roztoczański, Słowiński, Świętokrzyski, Tatrzański, Ujście Warty, Wielkopolski, Wigierski and Woliński) as well as over 120 landscape parks and other protected areas. On top of that are many urban parks as well as picturesque towns, villages and rural panoramas, ensuring that the country’s green space tourist offering is as diverse as can be.

Our beautiful country – abounding in mountains, lakes, forests and seaside beaches, not to mention 46 spa towns – provides nearly limitless opportunities for rest and recreation. And tourists have a wide variety of comfortable accommodations to choose from, ranging from cozy agrotourism farms deep in the countryside to luxury hotels in big, vibrant cities, where a wealth of cultural events and a well-developed hospitality and leisure infrastructure await them. Our country’s tourist offering is broad enough to satisfy every and any visitor.

What’s more, innovative and friendly attractions, recreational facilities, restaurants and events are being added to the tourist offering all the time, ensuring high quality and unforgettable experiences. Combined with its beautiful traditions and renowned hospitality, Poland is the ideal place to enjoy a vacation.

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