Logo World Conference On Doping In Sport
World Conference On Doping In Sport Katowice 2019 | 5-7 November


There are three categories of Conference participants:

  1. Delegates*
  2. Observers
  3. Media

*Organisations may invite one (1) athlete to register as a delegate on top of their allotment as listed below.


Delegates will consist of representatives of the bodies/organizations listed below. Please note the maximum number of delegates permitted per organization.

  Organization Number of Delegates Per Organization
1 WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board members -
2 International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee -
3 International Sports Federations (Olympic) 4
4 International Sports Federations (ARISF Members) 3
5 International Sports Federations (AIMS member) 2
6 International Sports Federations (Other) 1
7 National Olympic Committees 2
8 National Paralympic Committees 2
9 Governments / Public Authorities (Signatories to the UNESCO Convention) 4
10 Governments / Public Authorities (Non-signatories to the UNESCO Convention) 1
11 National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) 3
12 Regional Anti-Doping Organisations (RADOs) 2
13 WADA Accredited Laboratories 2
14 ABP-Approved Laboratories 1
15 Other Organisations:
  • Continental Intergovernmental Organisations
  • Regional/Continental Sports Associations
  • Multi-Sport Organisations and Events
  • Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • iNADO
  • Interpol
  • ITA
  • World Customs Organisations
  • Other (subject to approval)

Note that an additional delegate seat, subject to space availability, may be offered to the above organizations after the registration deadline date of 30 August 2019. Requests must be made in writing for any additional seats to be considered.

Note if registrations are not received by the deadline date (30 August 2019), delegate status cannot be guaranteed.

Representatives in excess of the official delegate(s) number permitted may register as observers. They will be seated in the plenary hall with direct access to the Conference proceedings, however they will not have rights to intervene and will be located in a dedicated seating area, behind the delegates.

Athlete Delegates

WADA welcomes the participation of athlete representatives. The Conference will address the Anti-Doping Charter of Athletes’ Rights which is being developed by WADA’s Athlete Committee with the aim of including key principles within the 2021 Code.

Organisations may invite one (1) athlete to register as a delegate on top of their allotment as listed above. Any additional athlete or athletes from that organisation however, will have to register in the Observer category.


Observers will consist of the representatives of the bodies/organizations mentioned above, in excess of the permitted number of official delegate(s).

Persons attending in an individual capacity (i.e., legal professionals, scientists, academics, etc.) may also register as observers; however, registration will be subject to final confirmation by WADA prior to registrations being processed.

There will be a restriction on the total number of observer registrants if seating numbers become limited.


Media, press journalists and technicians wishing to cover the work of the Conference may register under the Media category. The media may observe the Conference from the plenary room, in a dedicated seating area.

Restrictions will apply to television cameras and photographers, etc. and will be clearly communicated in advance.