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World Conference On Doping In Sport Katowice 2019 | 5-7 November


Witold BańkaLadies and Gentlemen,

Doping is the gravest offence that can be committed against the integrity of sport competitions. Therefore, one of the main challenges for the world of sport is the constant pursuit of effective solutions to combat unfair competition is. Ways of fighting it more effectively will be debated by delegates from all over the globe at the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Katowice. I am proud that key decisions regarding the fight for clean sport will be taken in Poland.

During their careers, athletes must repeatedly push the limits of their abilities so as to fulfil the Olympic motto Faster, Stronger, Higher. Yet, to achieve this, one should never go against the principle of fair play. Sport is the best teacher. It makes us stronger through every success but, even more so, through every failure – not only as athletes but as human beings in particular. Everyone wants to win competitions, medals and prizes, to be ranked in top positions and become a source of pride for their country or region. It is of key importance, however, that sport victories are achieved in a fair and honourable way, thanks to one’s hard work, talent or even with a bit of luck, but never as a result of fraud, cheating or contempt for the hard work of other athletes in the pitch, racing track or tennis court. Therefore, we must do everything we can to eliminate doping from sport and to strengthen its perception as competitions among equal players, on a level playing field, where the best of wins.

The fight for clean sport requires our solidarity and cooperation. I believe that this year's World Conference on Doping in Sport will be held in this particular spirit. At the International Congress Centre in the heart of Katowice WADA’s new directions of work will be determined, new members of its governance bodies will be elected and amendments to the World Anti-Doping Code will be approved. By acting together, we can develop sport that respects the noble ideal of fair sport. Together we can do more.

See you in Katowice!

Witold Bańka
Minister of Sport and Tourism